Another post about deportation

Roberto Beristain was deported in April. #SayTheirNames

His departure hasn’t affected my life positively or negatively.

I’m willing to bet it hasn’t affected yours either, unless…

Mr. Beristain is a member of your family and now you’re separated.

Armando Paez hasn’t affected my life in anyway that would make me want him to be deported. He is being deported on Wednesday, May 17th, as stated in this article where I read his story.

And there are plenty of wall-chanting, closed-minded, selectively traditional voters who very clearly support actions that fracture families when the very presence of others does NOT negatively affect your life.

And don’t give me that, taxes, health care, welfare argument either, because you know very well that those aren’t culturally/ethnically/racially exclusive. Don’t project your frustration and sadness for your own circumstances on anyone else. Take more accountability of your choices and make changes if you don’t like the hand you’re being dealt.

What needs to be addressed is undoubtedly multi-faceted, but for this post I shall regard it as two-fold:

1. The immigration/emigration, naturalization system needs to be revisited and tremendously renovated.

2. There needs to be a exponential spike in education, communication, tolerance, empathy, fear, and honesty. This includes listening and speaking for parties on both sides of the matter (i.e. those in favor of deportation and their personal statements vs those who are facing deportation and the legality of the circumstances).

This is obviously an ongoing discussion and i, like many others, are ready and willing to share a mature, rational, passionate, respectful, fact-driven, dialogue.

I fully recognize there are legal matters that are involved, but this is where it becomes selective and (to an extent) somewhat targeted (i.e. all the other legal matters that aren’t taken to term, prosecuted, etc.)

And just so there isn’t any confusion, whether you believe me or not, I am, in fact, a first-generation American citizen. A child of Filipino immigrants. A disabled Navy veteran. An artist, a feminist, a teacher, a student, a Christian, a partner, father, and friend.

I believe in the statement plastered on buttons and stickers from La Casa de Amistad that declare “No human being is illegal.

I wholly admit that there are faults among systems, parties, offices, officials, and within ourselves. I do not consider myself to be holier than thou or any radical ‘Murica screamin patriot with blind loyalty to colors that don’t run.

I don’t speak for anyone else but myself, although I know many that agree with most of, if not all of the aforementioned points.

If anything…listen. Open your souls and listen. Not to reply, but to truly hear. Do not fear what/who is different. Listen. To others and yourself.


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