Thanks, Mike.

Today is May 14, 2017. In the region of the Midwest where I reside, it’s just past midnight, and for the first time in a long time, I’m sitting alone at home, on the couch, with the television off and my laptop, well…on top of my lap.

The most recent post before this one was dated for May 12th, but that was simply a resharing of a Facebook posted I had typed out with my thumbs on that day.

The one before that was from Election Day 2016. Yes, that one, that put us where we are now, with DJT as 45, Stephen Colbert getting tweeted at, James Comey is no longer that Director of the FBI, some folks have been deported, others raised their voices in unified bigoted chants, and life has (somehow) gone on.

To simply say that “a lot has happened” in the last seven months would be similar to describing a 40-week human gestation period as “some stuff happened in utero.”

It’s Mother’s Day.

This isn’t a post about moms, but…shout out for the moms.

There are less than four calendar weeks left in the academic year for this first-year teacher, and I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t counting the days.

There are less than fourteen days until I get married in the woods.

I have been taking Fluoxetine for 53 days and my dose has increased three times, and although transitions have been (and currently are) rocky, I must say I am enjoying the progress I’m seeing in conjunction with seeing a new EMDR therapist.

It has been 3 1/2 months since my fiancee and I found out that we’re expecting, and almost five weeks since we found out we’re going to be raising a daughter.

Earlier this year I was accepted into an online Transition to Teaching program, but I have not been able to start due to some self-inflicted financial aid wounds.

However, in the last couple of weeks I applied for a position with Shakespeare at Notre Dame and am excited to be starting with them in an interim capacity in hopes of being hired in full-time after the completion of this academic year.

In addition, I have been recently approved as a contributing writer for, and so I’ll be looking forward to seeing more local theatre and knocking the dust off these blogging fingers, which is pretty messy right now.

In 24 days, I’ll be holding auditions for the final production of Michiana Playmakers’ first season, and about a week after that I should be celebrating my first real Father’s Day as a husband.

(I don’t have any clever segues tonight.)

Have you ever used an anti-bacterial wipe to clean off the bathroom counter and faucet? Depending on how often (or rarely) it happens, you may be left with a miniature version of corn circles using moist (but lemony fresh!) strings of dirt and dust. That’s what this feels like.

I’ve been enjoying my life quite a bit in this past year, and that’s not to say it has been smooth sailing the whole time, because it hasn’t, but I’ve been focusing on some really important things, like my home, my life, my health, and my job.

But I’m back now. I spoke with my friend earlier this evening after my Wife-to-Be left for some bachelorettey shenanigans, and you may know him. I met him when I was in elementary school, and no matter how many times I’ve moved he still seems to find me–and I’m completely fine with that.

There was on old man named Michael Finnegan, he had whiskers on his chinnegan. He jumped up and then jumped down again. Good old Michael Finnegan, begin again.

There was old man named Michael Finnegan, he told stories-new and old again. He won’t let the fear in and win again, Good old Michael Finnegan, begin again.

So I did. And I’m glad to be back. See you soon, friends, there’s much to be shared.


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