Election Day Tears

I cried in the shower today, and if you were wondering, this is not a normal occurrence. Today is Election Day in the USA and as I’m typing this, the polls are starting to close and reports will start to be posted online. This is not my first time voting, and I certainly hope it […]

November Rain

Last week a local community actor invited me to a dress rehearsal of their show, David Mamet’s November at The Acting Ensemble. I attended, wanting to see the actors involved in a production, but also wanting to see some Mamet come off the page. I typically don’t research shows coming in, because I want to […]

Reflections on Reflections

#StorytellingSavesLives #LiveBrave Almost two months ago to the day, I took the stage at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso as one of 14 cast members in the 2016 Chicagoland production of This Is My Brave. I feebly announced my participation in this important event with a blog a couple of nights before the one-night […]


I started this blog two years ago with my then pending divorce as the central focus. Writing blogs has always been helpful my life’s ongoing learning process and as I noticed so many articles targeted for women, I wanted to share my own perspective since, well, for every heterosexual couple’s divorce, women aren’t the only […]


I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for Hamilton: An American Musical on repeat for the last three weeks. For those that know me well, this is actually surprising. Although I have a background in the performing arts with a degree in theatre, I’ve never been one to obsess over musicals. I just haven’t. I’ve never […]

Picking Scabs

If you have a Facebook page there’s a good chance you’ve been ambushed by a few posts thanks to the “See Your Memories” app. Some of them are brutal, many of them award you with perspective of how much you’ve changed, and some of them are downright brilliant in the way that something you said […]

Writing about writing: WIP & RIP

In the fall of 2013 I began writing my first book as part of NaNoWriMo. Yes, I say my “first book” because I intend on writing more than one. This can be argued since I still haven’t finished said first book. In any case, it’s a WIP: Work In Progress. This WIP (working title: Juliet’s […]