Election Day Tears

I cried in the shower today, and if you were wondering, this is not a normal occurrence. Today is Election Day in the USA and as I’m typing this, the polls are starting to close and reports will start to be posted online. This is not my first time voting, and I certainly hope it […]

Writing about writing: WIP & RIP

In the fall of 2013 I began writing my first book as part of NaNoWriMo. Yes, I say my “first book” because I intend on writing more than one. This can be argued since I still haven’t finished said first book. In any case, it’s a WIP: Work In Progress. This WIP (working title: Juliet’s […]

Happy Rebirthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. It’s a date that will probably always hold significance in my head and for reasons of compassion and humanity she will always own a piece of mental and emotional real estate in my life. Last Thursday I took the stage at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, Indiana along with […]

The Four-Letter H Word

As I did my research for divorce paperwork, I made the observation that, although all divorces are uniquely different, mine involves a comparatively simple set of circumstances. We don’t have any children. We don’t any property. We aren’t using lawyers, and lastly, it isn’t coming as a surprise to either party.   We live together, […]

The S Series: The Slam

A lot can happen in one month’s time. This date last month marked the impromptu follow-up talk to the big discussion I referred to as The Snap  here. It came at the end of an erratic week for both my wife and I, together and apart. As we lay awake in bed that Saturday morning, I […]