I’m all in, no matter what it is I’m doing.

In love, in work, in friendships, family, eating pizza, watching football, everything.

I’ll say it again.

I’m all in, no matter what it is I’m doing. I am all in…until I’m out at which point I’m all in on my way out.

Someone told me the other day I can’t be pegged for one who doesn’t believe in commitment. I have more than a few tattoos, and for any collector, myself included, we know about commitment.

Make a choice, see it through, and live with it. The next choice you make is exactly that…the next choice.

We spend such a short time on this Earth, in these bodies, that why shouldn’t we be honest with each other as much as we can? With respect and consent. Why don’t we celebrate each other more and share in those moments instead of demolishing others and isolating ourselves?

Why are people so concerned with indirect opinions and perceptions to the point where we miss out on the direct, personal connections we make with one another? Is it so difficult to be happy for someone else’s happiness and growth that you require your own struggles to be shared by those around you? And why does the happiness of your neighbor, friend or enemy, have to be directly proportional (or inversely) with your own? Your struggle does not denounce or amplify mine, just as mine does not discount or embellish yours.

We all have lives, and we live them in whatever way we choose to live them in, whether we realize it or not. Whether you believe in a God, a higher power, nature, science, animals, chakras, vocations, substances, actions, words, or images, I still believe that we all make our choices based on what we feel is best for our lives at that point.

All the chapters of our lives are connected if we allow ourselves to see them that way. On one hand, they’re all connected solely in the fact that they are all a part of your life, but they can also intertwine in a manner that provides perspective, learning, and steps to growth. They are not all forward-moving steps, and they do not always lift you higher, but progress is progress, whether it feels progressive or not.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn.
Is just to love and be loved in return”
from Nature Boy by Eden Ahbez

These are iconic words to many. Whether you know the Nat King Cole version, heard them for the first time by Kurt Elling, or were introduced to this poetry through John Leguizamo, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this couplet.

And not to discount the gravity of this statement, but I feel (especially in recent months) that the greatest gift I can give is to love whether I am loved in return or not.

Love someone for who they are whether they love you in return, thank you, or even regard you. There’s already so much isolation and anger and frustration and sadness in this world that I’m attempting to focus more on appreciating who and what is happening around me in a healthy manner.

Key phrase: “in a healthy manner.”

By this I mean I will not love in a way that is completely blind, naive, and ignorant. I still know the difference between safety and toxicity, right and wrong, but regardless of my distance or proximity from an energy, whether it is a person, environment, or party, I will do my best to communicate and love openly and honestly as much as I can.

Think about that. And try it. And then think about it some more.

Love: The Most Natural Thing


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