Delcome to the Dungle

I’ve noticed an increase in articles pertaining to relationship problems and divorce on my Facebook News Feed, and I can’t tell if it’s because of Facebook’s smarter (read: creepier) profile monitoring, or because of my recently-changed Relationship Status. This sudden spike in posts about love life woes piqued my interest enough for me to start reading more than a few of them. Ok, all of them. But still, what I realized is that the unanimous majority of these posts are written for women in a heterosexual relationship.

I get it, target an audience, keep it simple, yada, blah blah, yabba dabba do. But what about the other perspective? And by that I mean that male perspective? Are we still so behind as a culture that the media still assumes that men are emotionless creatures? Would anyone, male, female, or otherwise, even read about what men think? Or just one?

My wife and I have recently agreed to petition a divorce, and I filed the papers last week. Some days are better than others. More accurately, some hours are better than others, some not so much. It has barely been three weeks since my soon to be ex-wife and I agreed that this is the best decision for our lives, but so much has exploded, sprouted, wilted, and inflated in my head, I had to start writing it down.

I read this article the other day, sharing some thoughts from divorced, single dad, Louis CK, and although I could definitely hear some of the bitterness in his comments, he does bring up a few solid points. My favorite is how he mentions people should be congratulating him on the decision to split, because it’s a good thing that it’s happening, and not all pity-party sadness like those around him have reacted.

I partially agree with that. Yes, it’s a good thing that my wife and I have agreed that staying married to each other is not the best choice, so in that aspect I’ll take a high five, but the hugs and “I’m sorry to hear that,” and condolences are still appreciated.

Without any kids, pets, or property, it’s a pretty simple process on paper, but it is definitely made up for in mental exhaustion. I think about the positives often, but on the flip side, when I realized how much I missed on the way here, and how much lying just went on, I get really, really angry about it.


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